Contemporary Italian Abstract Painter

Contemporary Italian Abstract Painter

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I chose to express myself in Abstract Art because I can experiment with different materials and techniques: this style gives me a lot of expressive freedom and unlimited creativity and I can reconnect to my muse and inner soul and offering the observer more sensations than notions, because it is very intuitive , full of discovery and surprise.

I work mainly with acrylic colors on canvas, often using a combination of fluid colors and denser brushstrokes to combine with different materials such as fabrics, gold leaf, sand and plaster… my work is in constant experimentation.
Sometimes I also use tattoo pigments: they are very effective pigments for making shades if I add them to acrylic colors and very useful for creating a watercolor effect, just a few drops are enough because the pigment they contain has a very high concentration.

The abstract style frees me from the precision that I need when doing my work as a tattoo artist: I can forget the idea of ​​satisfying specific requests and reconnect to my personal and intimate creative side.
I am inspired by the positive energy that I capture from my experiences, especially the contact and exploration of Nature. Listening to music also helps me to free myself from the everyday context and can drag me into this emotional journey that I try to transfer into my paintings.

The titles of my works are just intuitions, not true definitions. I often choose a stimulating theme and based on that theme I create one or more paintings.

My goal is to share colors, images, memories of distant travels, dreams, ancient stories, emotional images of nature and poetry… and offer the viewer the opportunity to travel through emotions with the evocation of sensations, memories and positive visual emotions.

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My name is Laura Capellini, I am a tattoo artist by profession and I live
not far from Parma, the city where I was born.
Since I was a child I have always had sensitivity in “making art”, I loved
to copy on my notebooks the sacred images that were around me,
singing, reciting and writing poems: I had a Catholic education and
spent most of the day in the Oratory with the Catholic nuns.
I think I am a very practical person, reckless, creative and dominated by
a restless curiosity towards life. Already in high school I had abandoned
to live with my family , I always sought independence and suffered too
conventional human ties . To support my studies I did several jobs,
among the many one of the most interesting and linked to my passion
for art history and writing, was a collaboration as a reviewer of works of
art for a “European Body of Art Events” for the promotion of emerging
Italian artists.
After graduating in Architectural Design at the Art School of Parma, I
continued my studies in Art History at DAMS in Bologna and later in
Visual Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna where I graduated in
Painting in 2003. During the Academic Years I trained at the University
of Barcelona in Spain and at the Academy of Fine Arts of Athens in
Greece with the Erasmus Program.
After my studies I met the Art of tattooing that I began to practice with
passion and dedicating all my time to this… in me there was always the
desire and the project to start painting again but I kept procrastinating
…. Since March 2020, when we had the first lockdown due to Covid, I
began to paint more frequently and also to do yoga meditation most of
the time: In Italy the rules were very restrictive and for me it was not
even possible to take a walk, this lasted several months, during which
my life had a radical transformation.
In the first months ,Painting, was for me the way to unload my energies
and not think about the new reality, a journey beyond space and time
… Then painting gradually turned into a daily passion, a mediating
practice to heal my soul, something I could no longer give up.
Now, in addition to be a tattoo artist, I dedicate myself daily to Painting
and this makes me feel a happier person: Painting compensates for my
introversion and through it I can share emotions that in words I would
not succeed; sometimes I have tried with writing but I can never
complete to say what I would like to express.
I do not regret not having started earlier, now is really the right time:
many years away from school have freed me from academic schemes
and even now I am sure I understand that Painting could be a tool to
communicate and share emotions that cannot be expressed in words.

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