Contemporary Italian Abstract Painter

Contemporary Italian Abstract Painter

Gallery – Blue Mind

… There is nothing left between me and the horizon except water. 

The only sounds I hear are the hypnotic hiss of stones as they are washed ashore and the occasional screeching of a seagull.  Gusts of fresh air on the surface of the water, reminiscent of salt water and algae.

 My mind is perfectly at peace. W.j. Nichols’

For the title of this cycle of works of art I was inspired by a book: “Blue mind”.  The author explores the sensorial charm of water, showing us how sight, sound, contact, but also the taste and smell of water, affect us in a profound and primitive way.

 The Blue Mind series: it is a deep immersion in the sensations that the water element gives me and the attempt to condense and share these sensations in a work of art that I create following my inner voice ..

 … every gift from God

   it belongs to the water that generates it

    bursts pure in the heart

    and dies over time

    never discovered the sea.         Manuela Copercini